Sperm Quality Analyzer

A "New Generation System" for fully automated semen analysis








designed to meet the needs of a modern IVF center

The SQA-Vision is a high performance analytical medical device that combines the technology of optoelectronics, computer algorithms and high quality video microscopy to provide a 70 second, precise and accurate automated quantitative semen analysis.

The SQA-Vision is flexible and can be set-up to include enhanced features for sample viewing and assessment during the automated testing process. WHO 3rd/4th or 5th criteria as well as counting chamber standards are easily selected. Customize the Vision to fit laboratory protocols.   

The SQA-Vision will standardize the semen analysis process by guiding the operator through logical and intuitive testing cycles using touch-screen technology and user friendly interactive screens.   

FDA cleared and CE certified.



SQA-VTMGold and QwikCheckTMGold -

your reliable and "easy to handle" - systems for daily routine


  • SQA analyzers perform a complete quantitative semen analysis in less than 2 minutes.
  • The testing process is easy and safe and requires very little experience and training.
  • Runs  fresh, frozen, washed or enriched and post-vasectomy samples.
  • Results are available quickly and a physician can provide the patient with information about his sperm quality, diagnosis and treatmenz (if required) promptly and confidentially.
  • The SQA analyzes all standard WHO approved parameters for basic semen analysis.
  • SQA test results are objective, successive ejaculates, collected at different times can be compared to each other.
  • Results are transferred to a database, patient reports can be printed out.


SQA analyzer - the top of the line system for

  • assessing semen quality
  • evaluating the effectiveness of treatment
  • testing sperm quality before ART
  • measuring the impact/efficacy of chemical or surgical sterilization procedures
  • determination of oligo,- astheno- and azoospermia 



www.mes-global.com/ and www.mes-global.com/video