RIA-MAT SR 300 system


Ordering number: AMP 300-RIA-MAT SR300


High economy via operation facilitation and time-saving in routine diagnostics.


Fully automated, open analyzer system for Radio-Immuno-Assays (Coated Tubes, Coated Beads and Magnetic particles) using sample tubes (12 mm x 75 mm).

The SR 300 software system offers highest flexibility and user friendly work routine.


  •  Pipettor
  •  Incubation chamber
  •  Washer
  •  Gamma Counter

The analyser is working Batch-wise with a maximum of 280 tubes and a throughput of  180 samples per hour.

Depending on the assay first results are obtained after 5 minutes after incubation. the RIA-MAT detection system 5 independent, parallel working detection systems.

The RIA-MAT uses an integrated  PC with DOS user-interface to operate the system and calculate sample concentration.

Different calculation modes for standard curve (spline, logit-log, linear).


Test method Radio-Immuno-Assay
Coated Tubes, Coated Beads, Magnetic Beads
Sample capacity Max. 280 samples in 28 racks
Tube size 12 mm x 75 mm
Rack dimensions 164 mm x 18 mm x 46 mm (L x W x H)
Measuring method 5 Detektor, NaJ
Throughput 180 samples per hour
Time to first results Incubation time + 5 minutes
Pipetting station programmable

Max. 280 secondary vials

Max. 12 standards / 6 controls per assay

  Resuspension unit for magnetic particles (4 vials) optional
Incubator Max. 280 samples simultaneously
  Incubation time programmable for each rack
  Shaker frequency 7 Hz, disconnectable
Washer 10 samples simultaneously
  Rinsing volume 0 ml – 5 ml
  Repetition: 0 – 9 fach
  Magnetic seperation unit optional
Measurement device Bialkali-Photomultiplier / NaJ-crystal
  Time window 0,1 – 999 min.
  In 0,1 min steps
Computer IBM-AT compatible
  3.5’’-Floppy Disk (1.44 MB)
  Harddisc (500 MB)
  Colour VGA Monitor
  9 needles matrix printer
Software SR 300 RIA-System
  Max. 100 different assay protocols
  Max. 2000 patients
  Max. 12 standards per assay
  Max. 6 controls per assay
  Creation of pipetting methods
  Storage of the last 100 profiles
  Test programms for maintenance and service