Gemini ® - Two-Plate - Compact Microplate Processor

Gemini - Mikrotiterplatten - Vollautomat


Ordering number: AMP 300-GEMINI


  • The GEMINI® is an open 2-plate fully automated system with integrated pipettor, washer, incubator chambers (temperature range 25-45 °C), shaker, reader and a user-friendly touchscreen display.
  • Ease of use, installation and maintenance.
  • The walk away system can be loaded easily and safe using a barcode identification system.
  • Flexible time management with LIS connectivity.
  • Convenient programming of assay protocols.
  • High process safety with triple pipetting control and liquid level detection system.








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Photometric range  0 to 3.0 OD                              
Spectral range 400 nm - 700 nm
Reading time < 15 sec. single, < 30 sec. dual
Precision 1% CV at 1.0 OD
Accuracy ±0.005 OD or 2.5%
Linearity 0 - 2.000 OD ±1%


Min / max. volume 10 μl - 300 μl (300 μl tip)
301 μl - 1000 μl ( 1100 μl tip)
(single dispense)
<3% CV at 20 μl
< 3% CV at 100 μl
(multiple dispense)
< 10% CV at 16 x 20 μl
< 3% CV at 8 x 100 μl
Features Tip detection, mixing, multiple consecutive dilution steps, capacitive liquid level detection, aspiration pressure monitoring

Capacity and throughput

Sample and reagent capacity

Up to 192 samples

For example: 144 samples + 8 reagents + 16 controls


Ambient temperature range Up to 45°C
Temperature uniformity ±1.5°C (with in-process temperature monitoring)
Shaking 20 Hz


Precision 10% CV at 300 μl
Residual volume <2.5 μl in U-bottom plate
<4 μl in Flat-bottom plate
Capacity 3 different wash buffers
Modes Swep mode, soak, top and bottom wash, variable pump speed


W x D x H 97 cm x 66 cm x 75 cm
Weight 151 kg (gross), 115 kg (net)