PCR-based moleculardiagnostic products

PCR-based moleculardiagnostic products –

The analysis of DNA, RNA and proteins at the molecular level performed in clinical laboratories, known as molecular diagnostics, offers considerable advantages over traditional methods of pathogen detection in humans. These procedures detect viruses, bacteria, and parasites more rapidly and with far greater sensitivity and specificity. On genetic and protein levels, the cause of a disease can now be found more precisely, enabling the most suitable therapy to be developed. Likewise, the analysis of an individual’s genetic makeup enables physicians to predict the course of certain diseases. Therewith, molecular diagnostics provide modern medicine with the necessary tools for developing completely new, personalized strategies in the battle against many diseases. ...
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Semi-Automatic Laboratory Solution

Semi-Automatic Laboratory Solution –

CONEXT125 - a versatile automatic pipetting robotic system offers the perfect solution for RIA labs with medium to high throughput ...
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Sperm analysis - reliable, safe, reproducible

Sperm analysis - reliable, safe, reproducible –

Infertility is a growing problem and more and more focused on by physicians and scientists. Objective, reproducible and reliable results of semen analysis play a key role in diagnosis and treatment...
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AMP update and AMP compact - learn about our products!

AMP update and AMP compact - learn about our products! –

Diagnostic tools are improving every day due to the need for personalized treatment and scientific efforts respectively. We offer latest news and interesting facts: AMP update and AMP compact inform about trends and new AMP products.
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Automatisation - appropriate solutions for your site!

Our experienced team is on your side! We offer reliable service to find the best answers to your questions and the optimal solution for your problems and needs. Take the opportunity - we are looking forward to your inquiry.
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